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How Much Will It Cost?

I can work by the hour or for a flat fee for the project. The cost depends on these factors:

  • length of the work
  • complexity of the work (Is it straight text? Are there tables, graphs, or references? Is it heavy-duty technical writing?)
  • service provided (Editing takes longer than proofreading.)
  • level of editing needed (Is the text fairly clean or a hot mess?)

Because of these factors, I need some information from you in order to give a quote. I generally need to assess a portion of the work. I treat your document as strictly confidential and immediately delete it if we don’t work together.

My schedule does not permit me to offer free sample edits. I’d be happy to complete an editing sample for you at my regular hourly rate. If you hire me for the project, I will deduct the cost of the sample edit from the total bill.

Contact me today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

Nonprofit Rates

Contact me to learn about the discounts I offer to nonprofit organizations.

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