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Fiction & Poetry

Contact me for specific information on my role for each project (copy editor, proofreader, etc.).​


  • Cricket in a Fist by Naomi K. Lewis (Goose Lane Editions)
  • The Empty Calling by Maren Cliff (Maren Cliff Publishing)
  • Perfecting by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer (Goose Lane Editions)
  • Reading by Lightning by Joan Thomas (Goose Lane Editions)

Short Stories

  • Love and Pomegranates: An Anthology of Short Fiction edited by Rona Murray and Garry McKevitt (Sono Nis Press)
  • The Watermelon Social by Elaine McCluskey (Gaspereau Press)


  • Breaking the Surface by Marilyn Bowering, Lorna Crozier, Susan Musgrave, Linda Rogers, Patricia Young, and 15 new poets (Sono Nis Press)
  • Could Love a Man by Susan Stenson (Sono Nis Press)
  • The Creature I Am by Denise Cammiade (Sono Nis Press)
  • Duet for Wings and Earth by Barbara Colebrook Peace (Sono Nis Press)
  • For and Against by Sharon McCartney (Goose Lane Editions)
  • I Will Ask for Birds by Kelly Parsons (Sono Nis Press)
  • Kyrie by Barbara Colebrook Peace (Sono Nis Press)
  • Liminal by Jordan Mounteer (Sono Nis Press)
  • One by Serge Patrice Thibodeau (Goose Lane Editions)
  • Otolith by Emily Nilsen (icehouse poetry)
  • The Saning by Linda Rogers (Sono Nis Press)
  • Stray by Allison LaSorda (icehouse poetry)
  • Twoism by Ali Blythe (icehouse poetry)
  • Wearing My People Like a Shawl by Dorothy Field (Sono Nis Press)

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