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Picture Books & Photo Books

Contact me for specific information on my role for each project (copy editor, proofreader, etc.).​

Children’s Picture Books

  • Bird Is Dead by Tiny Fisscher, illus. by Herma Starreveld (Greystone Kids/Aldana Libros)
  • Bompa’s Insect Expedition by David Suzuki with Tanya Lloyd Kyi, illus. by Qin Leng (Greystone Kids/David Suzuki Institute)
  • The Capybaras by Alfredo Soderguit (Greystone Kids/Aldana Libros)
  • Champ by Payam Ebrahimi, illus. by Reza Dalvand (Greystone Kids/Aldana Libros)
  • How Jack Lost Time by Stéphanie Lapointe, illus. by Delphie Côté-Lacroix (Greystone Kids)
  • The Just Like Me Game by Karen Desmeules, illus. by Barbara Dessi and Nate Myers (Reedsy)
  • A Kite for Russell by Laurie-Anne Johnson, illus. by Kasia Charko (Sono Nis Press)
  • The Littlest Monkey by Sarah E. Turner (Sono Nis Press)
  • Luminous: Living Things That Light Up the Night by Julia Kuo (Greystone Kids)
  • Magelica’s Voyage: To the Land of the Fairies by Louise Courey Nadeau (Magelica Inc.)
  • My Little Everest: A Story about Dealing with Fear by Dan Culver (Sono Nis Press)
  • Neekah’s Knitting Needles by Sylvia Olsen with Odelia Smith, illus. by Sheena Lott (Sono Nis Press)
  • New Year by Mei Zihan, illus. by Qin Leng (Greystone Kids/Aldana Libros)
  • No Chimney? No Problem! by Jodi Wojtowicz, illus. by Breanna Sipple (Moon Jump Press)
  • Off the Beaten Track by Maylis de Kerangal, illus. by Tom Haugomat (Greystone Kids/Aldana Libros)
  • Ribbon’s Way by Sarah E. Turner (Sono Nis Press)
  • Sebastian Sasquatch by Sylvia Olsen, illus. by Kasia Charko (Sono Nis Press)
  • The Shade Tree by Suzy Lee (Greystone Kids/Aldana Libros)
  • The Voyage by Stéphane Servant, illus. by Audrey Spiry (Greystone Kids/Aldana Libros)

  • Ways to Make Friends by Jairo Buitrago, illus. by Mariana Ruiz Johnson (Greystone Kids/Aldana Libros)

  • Where Can We Go? A Tale of Four Bears by Dai Yun, illus. by Igor Oleynikov (Greystone Kids/Aldana Libros)
  • Which Way Should I Go? by Sylvia Olsen with Ron Martin, illus. by Kasia Charko (Sono Nis Press)
  • Yetsa’s Sweater by Sylvia Olsen, illus. by Joan Larson (Sono Nis Press)

Photo Books

  • The Broad Canvas: Portraits of Women by Women by Linda Rogers, photography by Barbara Pedrick (Sono Nis Press)
  • The Garden That You Are by Katherine Gordon, photography by Rod Currie and Quinton Gordon (Sono Nis Press)
  • Government House: The Ceremonial Home of All British Columbians by Rosemary Neering, photography by Tony Owen (Sono Nis Press)
  • The Hidden Life of Trees: The Illustrated Edition by Peter Wohlleben, various photographers (Greystone Books/David Suzuki Institute)

I have also edited a variety of other image-heavy books (see, for example, the field guides and gardening guides in Nature & Environment and Instructional & Educational).

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